Players always welcome. Bring a mate to training!

  • Training begins at 6.30pm every Thursday at Crofts Reserve, Blackshaws Road Altona North.
  • We will offer an extra training session for those who cannot commit to the permanent Thursday night fixture.
  • Training sessions will be varied and locations optimised to give full value to the playing group.
What we need from every player:
  • Make the effort to get to training, at least once a fortnight.
  • Bring a mate, the calibre of player isn’t as important as introducing new people to our club.
  • Don’t wait to be asked to do something, if you have the skillset, time and want to be a part of a great football club – get involved.
  • But first and foremost, enjoy getting fit and healthy as well as playing the game we all love.



Training contacts

Larry Simmons (Simmo) - 0409 635 469

Paul Artha (Chief) - 0458 986 215